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KALYANAMITRA (Spiritual Friends)

Kalyanamitra is a new strand to RBC that will be dedicated to a inviting teachers and speakers from all Buddhist Traditions.

Four Stages of Proximate Samadhi 

Starting 1st of December 2018,  Saturdays from 9am (sharp) to 11am. 

Drawn from the Abidharma of Southern Buddhism, the Four Stages of Proximate Samadhi is the perfect compliment to the Calm Abiding Meditation techniques found in the Northern Buddhist traditions. Especially in regards to the Yogacharya teachings.

Ideally suited to those who have completed the Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation courses, or similar. This draws on the experiences of the 1st to 5th stage of Calm Abiding Meditation, at least in the understanding of how to fully develop Mindfulness, Concentration and Diligence. The Friends of Shamatha, or Calm Abiding Meditation.

More than than ever in the stressed modern times, do we need to understand the workings and the deep nature of this thing we call "mind". Based on the time honoured tradition and experience of the great masters of the past, originating from the teachings of the Buddha, these practices are suitable for all. 

Course facilitated by Ven. Lekshe Tsultim

 Inquiries email

or Phone Tsultim 0439992312 

By Donation 

Phone: 07 33115532   Mob. 0439 992 312

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