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Song of Experience

by Drakpa Gyalsten, also complimentary teachings of Sakya Pandita

26th and 27th of January 2019   9am to 5pm (both days)

We are very happy to announce the return of our spiritual brother and friend Lama Ngawang Tenzin. Lama Ngawang-la will be offering a wonderful Dharma Teaching of Drakpa Gyalsten 11th century master. Drakpa Gyalsten who is also the uncle of the great Sakya master Sakya Pandita. Song of Experience, or Dohas are devotional and inspired verses that are expressed by the great yogis of the past. Milarepa being the classic example.  Far from being just "nice" sounding, they draw deeply from the roots of realization and knowledge of the master or yogi.

Lama Ngawang-la who has a Archarya Degree, also has a very inspiring way of sharing Dharma through poetry with his Dharma Brothers and Sisters. Lama-la will give a commentary on this verse, and its associations to Sakya Pandita, Tibet's first Pandita. Pandita (great scholar who are learned in 5 sciences)     

Kalyanamitra is a way of sharing our common interest in the priceless nature of the Buddadharma.

At the same time we have to acknowledge the reality of paying airfares and the value of time and effort, especially from our guest Teachers, our Spiritual friends.

Booking is essential as space is limited

by Donation

Where; 55 Primrose St. Grange                           

Inquiries phone Tsultim 0439992312 or 33115532 or email

Donations : Commonwealth Bank  BSB 064140   Account number 10135208

For any online bank payment please add NT for our reference, Thank you!

Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation

Starting February the 2nd 2019,  4 Saturday mornings from 9am (sharp) to 11am. 

Calm Abiding meditation or Shamatha, is the foundation of authentic meditation practice. Drawn from the ancient but ever-relevant teachings of the Buddha, like the Satipathana and Anapanasati Sutta's, (Four Foundations of Mindfulness,& Mindfulness of the Breath)

Calm Abiding meditation brings awareness to our daily habits of just seeing the things that we like and becoming attached, and rejecting the things we don't like, and feeling disturbed. This is the source of depression, anxiety and disillusionment. To become familiar with the mind as it is, is also to see how we get caught by unseen feelings and thoughts. Our basic nature is peaceful and positive. Calm Abiding is not a passive state that avoids the problems of life, but is an active way of being calm and clear when things present as otherwise. This emphasis of this course is to gain the confidence through direct authentic experience. There is no way that we regain true lasting peace and clarity without interest and effort.

With a gradual development of stability, concentration and care-fulness, we can naturally transform our problems into skillful means for benefit, rather than disfunction. As we come to understand the workings of this thing, we call "mind" we wil also see its intimate connection to the body, and just as a by product improve our mental and bodily health. This course is suitable for all. 

Cushions supplied. Loose comfortable clothing recommended

Cost of $80 for the four weeks, or $20 per week

"Tamin the Elephant Mind" book by Lama Choedak Rinpoche included on completion 

Booking is essential as space is limited Course facilitator  Ven. Lekshe Tsultim

 Inquiries email  or Phone Tsultim 0439992312 

Phone: 07 33115532   Mob. 0439 992 312

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